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Open iT Products Overview

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Open iT SAM Tools

Open iT's suite of software asset management tools meter and report how individuals or groups use applications, servers, storage, databases and services across an enterprise. Common traits to all modules include:

  • shared data store;
  • run on Linux, Unix and Windows platforms;
  • web-based GUI Dashboard for making flexible and detailed reports which are all viewable in Excel;
  • customizable templates and standard set of reports; and
  • digitally-signed data collection (non-alterable).


Open iT Base and Modules

Base component includes the client/server infrastructure and reporting tool mechanisms. From that point on, "input-modules" may be added for areas of IT that the users are interested in metering and monitoring. For example, systems activity-monitoring (CPU, Memory, I/O) is provided through the SystemAnalyzer module, while usage reporting from Software License Managers such as FlexNet, IBM LUM, Sentinel etc., is provided by LicenseAnalyzer

LicenseAnalyzer ApplicationTracker LicnseOptimizer SystemAnalyzer StorageAnalyzer UsageAnalyzer


Web-based, Flexible Software Asset Management

Reporting Server reports document usage and identify computer resource excesses and shortages, so that IT managers can better plan their software assets management strategies. From large oil companies to telecom and healthcare organizations, Open iT customers save money and manage compliance by monitoring and reporting IT assets usage. Open iT Reporting Server is a push-based software asset management tool for automatic delivery of ad-hoc and predefined reports, generated daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, etc. It reports software licensing usage by department, group or location and run for any level of the organization, showing the entire organization down to a single user.